Abhay Z. , Artesia, CA

“I have sharp neck pains and I was looking for alternatives to painkillers, I have been using the 600mg unscented lotion, this works wonders for… Read their story “Abhay Z. , Artesia, CA”

Abhay Z.

Balvinder Kaur, Phoenix, Arizona

“I have been on painkillers and insulin shots for my diabetes, I always seem to be very tired from lack of sleep.  I tried the… Read their story “Balvinder Kaur, Phoenix, Arizona”

Balvinder Kaur

Clark W., Huntington Beach

“Thank you so much for this excellent product. My first sampler has helped me get better sleep and reduce pain/inflammation. :)Thank you”

Clark W.

Isabella, California

“It was my first time using CBD. Just a few minutes after taking it, I felt my entire body relax and grow calm. I found… Read their story “Isabella, California”


Jeff K. Long Beach, California

“Started using a new product from MediPrana.  It’s their CBD-infused lotion.  Cursed with life-long problem skin that I’ve had treated with everything under the sun,… Read their story “Jeff K. Long Beach, California”

Jeff K.

Jordyn G., Huntington Beach, CA

“I love this product because it helps with my anxiety and any kind of pain management I need. I get chronic headaches from a traumatic… Read their story “Jordyn G., Huntington Beach, CA”

Jordyn G.

Joyce M., Newport Beach, CA

“I’ve had fibromyalgia for twenty six years and these past few nights have been the best I’ve had since I was diagnosed!  I started taking… Read their story “Joyce M., Newport Beach, CA”

Joyce M.

Jazmin C., South Gate, California

“I normally don’t take CBD until my coworker, handed me a CBD sampler spray, after reading the benefits and how CBD can help me with… Read their story “Jazmin C., South Gate, California”

Jazmin C.

Jason L. from Minnesota

“I’ve loved my experience with MediPrana. I have ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia. It was hard to find the right dosage and price for CBD spray and… Read their story “Jason L. from Minnesota”

Jason L.

David Torres, Downey, California

“I was unconvinced and didn’t consider purchasing or trying CBD, but rather my focus was on the other THC products. I have been medicating with… Read their story “David Torres, Downey, California”

David Torres

Exceptional CBD for a healthy lifestyle

Extracted from American grown hemp, without any chemicals or harsh solvents, our full spectrum Nano-Enhanced CBD oil contains the best of what this incredible plant has to offer.  We believe in the healing power of CBD and its ability to restore and preserve a balance life for all of us, including our pets.



Ideal for:

Chronic pain

Joint inflammation


Depression, anxiety




Ideal for:


Eczema & rashes

Joint & muscle pain

Neck & back pain

Workout soreness



Ideal for:

Pets with joint pain

Dysplasia, ACL, or other orthopedic issues

Pets with cancer or non-cancer pain

Pets with separation anxiety

Other behavioral issues




CBD Oil (sprays & tinctures)

CBD Lotion

CBD aloe healing gel

Pets (sprays & tinctures)

Pets (skin care)

The MediPrana Advantage

Nano-Enhanced Products

Natural extraction

No hydrocarbons or chemicals

Full spectrum with terpenes and cannabinoids

Zero high or 100% THC free with isolate

Emphasis on delicious flavors and scents

Organic ingredients with no preservatives

Ability to create custom batches

Independently tested by third party

Education and Support

Trial offer $25+FREE SHIPPING

10ml|200mg CBD

travel size

Whether you’ve used CBD before or not, we’re giving you the opportunity to try our goods and see why MediPrana is an effective solution for you.

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