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What we are about

MediPrana is about change, an emerging health consciousness, and alternatives to the status quo. We believe there is more than one path to a solution when it comes to your health. We are a determined group of dedicated creators and entrepreneurs committed to providing the highest quality American-grown and manufactured hemp-based products for people and pets. We believe in the uncompromising quality and integrity of our products—proof of our commitment to our clients’ well-being. We understand the natural healing power of hemp and want to spread those benefits to all who want to experience them. We have the right product at the right price.

We believe in our carefully crafted CBD oil and our manufacturing process, but especially, we believe in you—your wellness, your stories, and your health. We value individual balance, connected community, and healthy environments; these values guide the way we do business. This is how we define MediPrana.

Pascal Gressier:


Sales, Marketing, Relationships

Pascal is our head dreamer. He believed he could gather a team of individuals with the same belief system, and that together they would provide a natural alternative and help people cope with health issues.
“MediPrana is about helping people take control of their health. It’s heartbreaking to witness the hopelessness of people with various health challenges, as if there are no options. We have been conditioned to believe that a daily magic pill is the solution to chronic pain, high blood pressure, and depression, to name just a few. But health management is about so much more than pills. We have options. There are alternatives and supplements: one of them is in the natural match-up of our bodies and our minds with the hemp plant. I believe this connection is the cornerstone of what will help us regain control of our health.

Lucky Sandhu:


Manufacturing, Resources, Facilities Management

Lucky can do anything, and he is our chief product developer and taste tester. Lucky hails from California and New Mexico by way of India, and his calming demeanor helps keep us relaxed and happy (or is it the CBD?).
“We started MediPrana because we wanted to make a difference. We want to help people see that there’s more to health than what the industries that dominate the field offer. We wanted to start an information campaign–no hype, no gimmicks–because we know our CBD really works. I think the best marketing comes from loyal clients who’ve tried our CBD and gladly share their experience with others. If we offer an honest product at a reasonable price and can address people’s real concerns and the daily challenges they face, it’s a win-win situation.”

Windy Foster:

Wellness, Advocacy, Edibles

Pet Whisperer

Windy came to us from the more conventional side of medicine. She has parlayed her desire to help others and educate them about their health into an opportunity to empower others to take an active role in their own well-being. She has an amazing ability to connect with people from all walks of life and to encourage them to take better care of themselves.
“I came to MediPrana a few months ago after researching CBD and natural medicine as a realistic alternative to the ‘poison, burn, and cut’ methods of conventional health care. My philosophy is that people cannot get well unless they are given agency, information, and the right resources. As a military veteran and certified health coach, I am thrilled to find an honest company and a great product that can help so many people, including me! I know I can confidently recommend our CBD products to my clients because I use it myself.”

Cesar Gonzalez:

IT, Web, Media Design

Cesar not only builds and maintains our virtual home on the web, he keeps us laughing and looking forward to the future, while tunelessly humming pop songs and television jingles from the ‘80s. Cesar’s eye for detail helped create our informative and easy-to-understand product labels that our clients have been raving about.
“I have family members who struggle with their health, and I felt frustrated that I couldn’t do more to help them. When Lucky and Pascal approached me with the idea to start MediPrana, I was on board right away. I wanted to find a place where I could use my expertise to help people and animals in a way that’s rarely experienced from this side of the computer monitor. If I can give our clients a friendly user experience and an easy way to access the information and the products they need to be well, then I know I’m where I need to be.”

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