CBD Health Coaching





CBD Health Coaching hosted by a Medical professional.

  • What is cannabidiol or “CBD” and how can it help me?
  • Will I get high from taking CBD?
  • Is CBD safe?
  • Is CBD legal, where i live?
  • Can i overdose on CBD?
  • Can i use CBD for my pet?
  • Will my pet get high?
  • How can my pets health be improved with CBD regiment?

These are just a few example of general questions.  if you have a unique personal question we have professional network of registered nurses whom are cannabis advocates.  The health coach service is a scheduled 1 on 1 service via online video call or over the phone.

The CBD Health Coach is not just your go to person, but were here to help you understand the benefits of CBD tailored to you.  This service gives you a piece of mind.  We help to clarify any concerns you may have.

  1. Phone or web sessions are 25 minutes for $50 dollars
  2. .10% off your first order
  3. .Free shipping


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