“I was unconvinced and didn’t consider purchasing or trying CBD, but rather my focus was on the other THC products. I have been medicating with THC products for many years, I have heard about the health benefits of CBD but have never tried any CBD products well! I was wrong all along, and here is my story I want to share with others.

I purchased the sampler orange vanilla and trying CBD for the first time totally changed my outlook on CBD finally…. YOU! WILL FEEL THIS. In the best of way to describe my experience with the spray was, it didn’t make me sleepy and I positively felt rejuvenated and awake.  in late March of this year my family and I felt the loss of our mother.  My younger sister took the loss horribly she was lacking sleep and focus, and I recalled my sister not being able to sleep for days and she was not her usual self. I had told my sister to give this CBD spray a try, I gave her my CBD spray and educated her on the benefits that I just come to know and passed on the information and let her make the decision.  After the first few days I noticed and saw the difference. Seeing her sleep for the first time in a couple of days was a relief to myself and the family. I believe this product has helped my sister and me. All I can say is the 200mg CBD Spray really work and now It’s a part of my daily lifestyle.”