“I’ve had fibromyalgia for twenty six years and these past few nights have been the best I’ve had since I was diagnosed!  I started taking MediPrana’s full spectrum nano-enhanced 600mg CBD oil two months ago and I admit, I was a bit skeptical that this little bottle of “plant juice” was going to do anything for the severity of pain I cope with every day, but I was tired of being on all these awful, dopey pain meds and thought, “Well what do I have to lose?” I’m glad I gave it a try because in these two months I’ve gone from sleeping an average of 4 hours per night up to SEVEN hours and I’ve cut my prescription pain medication use almost by HALF! I feel like a new person! Sleeping better at night has made my days much more enjoyable— and makes me more enjoyable to be around! Waking up to count which body parts are working this morning has become a distant memory. I started out with a half a dropperful per day but now I’m taking one dropperful in the morning and two before bedtime.  If I could shout it from the rooftops, I would: “Fibromyalgia, you have met your match!””